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Welcome to our English Web Site!

Find out who we are, what we do and what we believe in.

In English the Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) calls itself ‘Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia’. As one of 20 ‘Landeskirchen’, the EKBO is a German regional Church and forms part of Germany’s main protestant Church, the Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD).

The EKBO comprises the German capital city of Berlin, the surrounding county of Brandenburg, as well as the region of Upper Lusatia. Being a united Church makes the EKBO a diverse protestant faith community. Next to celebrating Sunday services, EKBO church ministers offer services for special occasions – they accompany many key moments in peoples’ lives, including baptism, confirmation, marriage and funeral. Besides pastoral care, the EKBO also offers counseling.

Education and faith are closely linked in the protestant Church. Many parishes run kindergartens and engage in youth ministry. Children and adolescents are taught in protestant primary and secondary schools under the auspices of the EKBO. The EKBO also lays emphasis on adult education.

The Diakonie - Germany’s protestant social service organization – is devoted to caring for people in need within the territory of the EKBO.

The EKBO maintains numerous ecumenical ties within and beyond its borders. It also plays an important part in fostering exchange in culture and the arts.

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