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Church Service

Church service draws together believers from a local community in celebration. The Service is guided by centuries-old tradition, while at the same time being shaped by those who deliver it. In essence, service is about commemorating the presence of God. God becomes tangible when words from the Bible are read, and he is present during the Lord’s Supper, during song and during prayer. The message of the Bible is projected into today’s world by way of the sermon. At the end of the service, the congregation receives God’s blessing. 


Baptism is the sacrament of the beginning: When people are baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit they confess their Christian faith und become members of the Church. So, they entrust their life to the protection and guidance of God. Through baptism God promises His closeness and His devotion to everyone’s life with all its ups and downs. Since the promise of God concerns our whole life, many parents have their children baptized soon after birth. Parents, godfathers and godmothers vicariously confess the faith their children shall grow into. Thus, baptism is also a celebration of joy and of gratitude to the life given by God.

Of course, grown-up people can be baptized as well to become members of the Evangelical Church. Adult baptism is preceded by talks with our clergymen and clergywomen. The talks serve to deepen the faith of the person to be baptized and enable him or her to provide comprehensible information about what he believes. Adult baptism includes confirmation.


First of all, Confirmation intends to strengthen the individual believer through the blessing of God and his »yes« to baptism. Young people are thus encouraged for their life’s journey that is also a journey guided by God. The Creed belongs to confirmation. Therefore, young people get to know essential beliefs in confirmation class and seek together for something strengthening their lives. Confirmation class is the time of a singular community experienced during confirmation trips and various celebrations. Through confirmation young people are given the right to take Communion, to act as godfathers or godmothers, to have a church wedding and to elect the parish council.


At the wedding service a man and a woman invoke God’s blessing for a successful marriage and make a promise of marriage to God and the congregation. The ceremony focuses on love and forgiveness, which are vital to a marriage based on the love of Christ. Both the congregation and the couple pray for their common journey through life. The sermon delivered in this service draws on the wedding motto that is to guide the couple along their common future path as a biblical motto. The preparatory meeting with the pastor prior to the service deals with expectations connected to the beginning of the marriage. The procedure for the service is set and the biblical marriage motto is chosen. In this context questions concerning the formation of the marriage will have to be clarified if one of the partners does not belong to a church or if he or she is a member of a non-protestant denomination. Church marriage is preceded by civil marriage.


The death of a person is a turning point for all who have been close to him or her. The certainty that no one will be forgotten by God and that God’s judgment on human life exceeds any human judgment conveys deep comfort to us. All people mourning their loved ones are promised: Our deceased loved ones are in the good hands of the Lord. The funeral service appreciates the life of the deceased and strengthens our faith that we will rise from the dead in Christ. We can trust that God imparts a new existence to our deceased loved ones. After the mourning ceremony the deceased is laid to rest in a coffin or urn. The Christian funeral gives confidence to the family at a moment when everything seems to have changed.

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